EpoSat - GPS-controlled spreading

Epoke's GPS controlled spreading is a "state of the art" solution. Many years of development has resulted in a completely new and highly superior solution – EpoSat,

Epoke's unit for GPS controlled spreading. The product is professional, user-friendly, extremely accurate, stable and delivers a more uniform treatment of icy roads.

The aim of EpoSat is to automatically control the spreading settings based on the spreader's position on the route via a Global Positioning System (GPS). With EpoSat, the spreader's computer takes care of spreading, without the driver having to intervene. This means the driver can focus on driving the truck and watching traffic. The system can be equipped with EpoNav X1 (option), which with help from the navigation map, guides the driver through the route.

Route navigation

The driver's workload can be lightened further, with the EpoNav X1 route navigation function. EpoNav X1 route navigation comes with a navigation box for the driver cab, which with map underlay function and speech messages, informs the driver in good time about the direction of travel and which route he shall follow.

EpoSat is the system for completely automated spreading, which ensures 100% consistent material spreading every time.

By means of EpoSat, spreading is carried out by the spreader computer without driver operation.

Thus the driver may concentrate on driving the vehicle. As a result, increased traffic safety, optimal spreading and improved level of service for the road-users are achieved.


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Product brochure - iPaper

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