About Epoke

Epoke is a company constantly on the move. Just like nature that forms the basis for our existence.

In spite of the global success Epoke is never resting on its laurels. The entire organization is in fact filled with a strong passion for development and optimization. Every single day dedicated employees contribute to creating more intelligent solutions and better products, which will benefit the customers around the world.

The foundation of the company
Concepts such as reliability, innovation, functionality, and service have always been the cornerstone of Epoke. Since the 1950s anĀ  innovative outlook has created solutions for combating slippery roads. Today Epoke holds just the right combination of experience and new thinking to meet an exciting future with new demands and challenges.

The Epoke Development Department works closely with Danish customers in order to develop and test new products. This is the basis of a strong position on the Danish market, which in turn forms the basis of a major global export activity.

Epoke also has a strong service organization. Through subsidiary companies in Germany and Poland along with a strong network of local distributors and service centers we provide both competent advice and premium service on all markets. This is one of the main reasons that we have achieved the strong global position, we have today.

Epoke is the leading manufacturer of liquid spreaders, and in the division in Randers we have gathered all expertise for testing,
development, and production of liquid spreaders under one roof. The Epoke range of liquid spreaders is extensive and consists of spreaders with capacities ranging from 100 liters (sidewalk spreaders) up to 17500 liters (motorway spreaders).