WEEE-directive - information sheet from Epoke A/S

The European waste management directive on electrical and electronic waste – the WEEE-directive

As a manufacturer of machines featuring electronic equipment Epoke® A/S must follow the EU Directive about labeling, taking back and recycling of electrical and electronic products. Directive EU/2012/19, also called the WEEE-directive (Waste of electrical and electronic equipment) applies within the European Union.

The directive came into force on August 13, 2005, and prescribes that a special labeling is to be used as of this date. Below is a copy of the WEEE label - a pictogram of the crossed wheeled bin, which is visible on all electrical and electronic components, which must meet the directive:

According to the directive the manufacturer will be responsible for taking back and recycling the concerned components free of charge for the consumer. However, Epoke® A/S is not responsible for paying the shipping costs for the consumer to return the parts, only the destruction costs. The directive also describes the destruction procedure.

According to the directive all distributors of products containing electrical and electronic components are under an obligation to take back such components from the end-user and see to the proper destruction hereof. This means that Epoke distributors are under a legal obligation to receive such components from the end-users and to pay for the destruction or return of such components to Epoke® A/S.

According to the directive the manufacturers do not have to bear the burden in connection with waste disposal of historical equipment, i.e. equipment delivered prior to the directive coming into force.