Repair Request

Control units, remote controls and other electrical equipment are exposed to harsh winter environments. It is almost impossible for them not to be exposed to knocks, weather and other external effects. Epoke has its own modern electric repair workshop with highly trained personnel and the latest test computers.

Send in your damaged or defective electrical equipment for repair or for checking immediately after the season has ended.

We always supply 12 months warranty on repairs.

Fill out the Repair Request form and send it with the part(s) that require service/repair.

Immediately after the electrical equipment is detached from the machine's cab, pack it carefully and store it in a dry place. This will save problems at the start of next season.

Preventative service and maintenance is always the most cost-effective approach.

Make a service agreement with the service department directly by mail:

Please download the file to your computer desktop. Complete all fields and press “send email”.

Repair Request

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