The Epoke dosing principle ensures accurate and uniform spreading of all spreading materials.

The agitator transforms the spreading material into a homogeneous substance, prevents bridge building and ensures proper filing of the dosing system over the whole width of the spreader.

The delivery roller empties the hopper evenly in the full width of the spreader, meaning that the centre of gravity remains at the same vertical level during emptying. As a result, the road-holding qualities and directional stability of the truck do not alter during driving.

The Epoke dosing system is extremely effective in processing difficult and non-homogeneous materials; lumps, large or small, are pulverised either by the agitator or the delivery roller, thus preventing them from being thrown onto the road surface where they might present a danger to road-users.

Pricinp Ani

The road wheel
The Epoke road wheel, which is height-adjustable and horizontally slidable, is fitted at the very back of the spreader.

It is possible to adjust the wheel position in such a way that the road wheel is closest possible to the rear wheel of the truck thus minimizing wear and tear. Furthermore, this provides optimum adaptation to the vehicle bed as well as a perfect center of gravity.

The road wheel pressure against the road surface varies automatically according to the power requirements of the spreader. This offers the following advantages:

- the wheel “generates” the power required by the system

- the spreader never operates with unnecessarily high pressure = reduced load and wear of the mechanical parts of the road wheel construction

- better directional stability in curves and turns.

The road wheel arrangement may be tilted upwards thus allowing the spreader to be placed on the ground in off-season.