Standalone Data Logger

A Standalone Data Logger from Epoke allows you to monitor and record data from products and vehicles. If the product is not equipped with an EpoMaster X1 remote control, read on to learn about all of the other options that a Standalone Data Logger provides you with. For example, this can apply to a refuse collection truck, mower, snow plough or sweeper and vacuum machine. The 2G cellular network will soon cease to operate in many parts of the world. But there are many vehicles in the field that operate with an EpoTrack Data Logger, which can only use the 2G cellular network! Epoke has now developed its own Standalone Data Logger, which can replace the EpoTrack Data Logger. It operates as a Standalone Data Logger or can be fitted to, for example, an EpoMaster 3.

The Standalone Data Logger can also be used as a speed signal provider on products in setups where the vehicle is not able to provide a speed signal.

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